Principal Investigator

Cai LI (李彩)

Cai is a faculty member at the School of Life Sciences of Sun Yat-sen University (2019-present). Prior to this, he conducted postdoc research in the Nick Luscombe’s group at Francis Crick Institute (2016-2019). He earned a B.S. degree in Mathematics (2009) from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and a PhD degree in Evolutionary Genomics (2015) from University of Copenhagen (supervised by Tom Gilbert and Guojie Zhang). He also worked as a bioinformatics researcher at BGI-Shenzhen for a couple of years.

Jing XUE (薛晶)
PhD Students
Yiyuan FANG (方亦圆)
Lei TAO (陶磊)
Shuyi DENG (邓书益)
Liang WU (邬靓)
Master Students
Yalan WANG (王雅岚)
Zongjin JIANG (蒋宗琎)

Jingyi Guan (2020-2022)
Yifei Zang (2021-2022)
Xiaobo Yu (2021-2022)
Yihui Huang (2021-2022)